our story

Inspired by sunny days, our collective memories and foraging adventures from the bush to the coast - Comet is a bottled love letter to the place where we live and explore.

Our mission? To return the taste of pure fruit back down to earth. Developed by a team of hospitality mavericks, we understand that a well-crafted syrup is the beginning of a great drink.

We’ve spent years replicating classic methods of steeping, infusing and extracting home-grown produce into our own drink recipes.

Our premium range of natural syrups are free from artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners, and contain up to 75% less sugar than other leading brands.

our process

Comet began as a series of humble late night experiments, stemming from our love for local produce and Australian botanicals. Our co-founder, Pita, began Comet as a personal project to have fun with the science of maceration and flavour extraction.

All original recipes in the Comet range were made by hand, and developed over the span of a few years. Some of the syrups took up to a week to develop optimum flavours, true to the ingredients used.

From Lemon Myrtle sourced from the coast of WA, to the tart taste of Quandong - every ingredient that goes into our bottles taste as they should be.

We hope you enjoy creating and sharing as much as we’ve enjoyed the journey so far!